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Re: Knifes

    Posted By: Paul
Thursday, 30 November 2000, at 1:52 p.m.

In Response To: Knifes (Don Ford)

> I am trying to decide on a new of knifes. What's the word on

> Henckels vs Wusthuf?

> Thanks,
> Don

There are some half truths in these posts .. i'll try to fill in some gaps for you. Henkel's and Wustof are not identical knives, although they use identical steel for the blades. (all the german knives use the same steel from Solingen). The shapes and handle styles are different. Between these brands you should choose the one that feel best to you.

There are others worth considering. Messermeister knives have thinner blades that a lot of chefs like. They also have a filed bolster so the blade is sharp over its whole length.

Chef's choice knives are sharper than any others. They use different steel. They hold an edge longer. They're also harder to sharpen (steels don't work) and are more brittle. Global knives are also sharper than the german knives and have thinner blades. They have a unique design that a lot of people like, though not necessarily for everything. They're also harder to sharpen.

Forschner and Victorinox knives are a decent value. They're stamped, not forged, so they're much cheaper to make. They don't balance as well, though. I had a couple of Forschner knives and thought the blades were inferior to any of these other knives.

Chicago Cutlery Knives are an extremely good value. They're stamped also, so they're cheap. I find they take and hold an edge as well as the german knives. They are not as beautifully made or well balanced, though.

The most beautifully made knives are by Eberhard Schaaf. They have a double bolster and are made and finished entirely by hand. They are sharper than any other german knives, but i don't know if you can easily maintain that edge. I've never owned one.

There are Ceramic knives out there also that are worth looking at. Especially for a paring knife. Sharper than steel, and they hold their edge a long time .. but they're fragile.

I haven't used the F. Dick knives. I doubt they're any better than Henkels and the others, but they appear to be a good value.

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