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? How to make money without cheating?

    Posted By: EstelleVot
Tuesday, 5 February 2019, at 3:11 p.m.

. . 10 . 1 5 , 100-150 . , , , !!! !!! !!! , 99.9% ! , , , !

. ? , , . . 99.9% 0.01% , , . , . . , . , ! ! , . . , . !

Hello everyone and a lot of respect. Want to share your thoughts what is a Scam networks and how to get rid of this utopia. It's almost 10 years since I tried though something to earn on the Internet and all empty. Basically we offer a "crazy work" where you can earn well, for example for 1 hour 5 thousand rubles, and all you need is to pay the entrance fee in the project what else there is 100-150 rubles, and all. And life is normal, here only it is necessary to attract even men, let them also carry the money, then certainly you a millionaire in a couple months... No guys!!! Alas!!! Don't dream!!! The time has come to say that everything that is offered on the network 99.9% Scam! All these matrices, investment projects, all kinds of pyramids, all this utopia And ... no comment!
And now about where there is no Scam. What is Scam? This is a project where attracting the common people, promising them huge interest rates or easy money, lured by deception what that amount of money disappear without a trace. In the end, a lousy mood and feeling of humility in front of some sort of freak. I mentioned above about 99.9% scams and yet the 0.01% is where you can make a lot of money that is used on the referral system, because there all absolutely free. The main thing to attract people to the project, and people will also who wants to earn online. There after all everything is available and free. I can tell you for some categories of people who hold a certain position in the main job. If you are the head of any Department and the office is full of computers, then this is a gold mine! Ask your employees to activate your referral link and that's it! I will not paint everything here for obvious reasons, you will see what kind of system it is. The main thing is that there is absolutely free and safe. Everything is like clockwork, even the student losers can easily understand. Then I say thank you! More here

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