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How to infuse Vodka with Love Heart sweets?!

    Posted By: Craig
Friday, 9 December 2011, at 10:22 a.m.

My girlfriend and I went to Vodka Revolution for the first time a few months ago and tried loads of different flavoured vodkas. She absolutely loved the love heart/candy heart flavoured one. We asked the barman if we could buy a bottle but we couldn't and he said we could make our own just by adding the candy hearts to a bottle of vodka and mixing it up.

I have done this previously with Skittles and it works fine, you just put some skittles in a bottle of vodka and give it 2 days, shaking it now and then and hey presto, skittles flavoured vodka!

However, I tried the barman's suggestion with the love hearts... And now I have a litre bottle of slightly discoloured vodka with about 2 inches of foam on at the top. I have been shaking it a few times a day but once it settles nothing seems to have changed.

I have tasted the vodka and despite a little flavouring, all the flavour seems to be in the foam at the top. So I shhok it, poured a little and mixed it with lemonade (which is how we had it at Vodka Revolution) and it just seperated again with the foam on top...

The foam on top isn't gritty or anything, its really smooth, but that seems to be where the flavour is.

1) How can I get the vodka and the foam to mix together? Do I just leave it longer? (It's been a good week now and nothing has changed) or is there something I can do as a ‘catalyst’ of some sort?

2) The fizz of the lemonade seemed to tone down the foam, should I put all the foam in a seperate bottle, mix with a little lemonade shake it up and add it back to the vodka? (The percentage of lemonade won't be anywhere near enough to ruin the overall taste of the drink for how she will drink it)

3) Or does anyone know of/suggest anything else from other similar experiences?

It CAN be done, I just really don't know how?! I want to give it to her as a little Christmas present as I'm pretty sure she has forgotten it existed by now and she didn't know I was asking the barman how to make it for her!

Please, please help!

PS: I have seen instructions online for ‘Conversation vodka’, however they seem to be very different in their make-up. This is the old retro love heart sweets, just like when we were kids…

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