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cider baked ham with honey rum glaze

    Posted By: M. Spencer
Tuesday, 8 November 2011, at 2:05 p.m.

I will certainly NEVER make this recipe again, and caution others thinking about it to RE-THINK making it. We had a big dinner party last Saturday, and I made this ham recipe. I followed the recipe to the letter. I spooned the glaze over the ham and put it into the oven for the final baking just as prescribed in the recipe. Mid way through the cooking, several people said that it smelled as if something was burning, so I went in and opened the oven to look. A huge wall of flames leaped out, and I reacted as quickly as I could, jumping back and screaming in terror. Nevertheless, the front of my hair and my eyebrows were singed. There were several witnesses to this, and they couldn't believe their eyes. I was extremely lucky that my face was not burned up, or that my clothing did not catch on fire, so severe was it.

The rum in the glaze recipe HAD IGNITED DURING THIS LAST COOKING, AND WHILE THE OVEN WAS CLOSED, and then the flames had rushed out of the oven as soon as the door was opened!

I have since found that alcohol in recipes such as this can and does catch fire in a closed oven!

Everyone who witnessed this said I was lucky to be alive. I have been cooking for 40 years, and never had an experience remotely like this. I think this recipe is very dangerous, and I wanted people to know about my close call.

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