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More Townecraft

    Posted By: Steve
Saturday, 27 October 2007, at 8:15 a.m.

Hi Folks,
It is quite interesting to see the ongoing debate about waterless cookware and Townecraft in particular. I admit that the cost is excessive, but it is quality cookware. I admit that in my current financial situation I would not purchase a new set. But, the fact that I "inherited" mine is testament to its quality. I did purchase a Townecraft electric skillet off of Ebay recently and have been VERY pleased. Food does burn and stick in Toanecraft cookware, but food will burn and stick in any cookware; and it is usually, at least in my case, "operator error". The demonstration that I attended in 1974 was done in a large kitchen in full view of the audience. Everything was prepared from freah ingredients using the chopper/shredder and using the stack cooking method. It was a great presentation; very entertaining,fun and tasty. I think this had a strong influenced on my lifelong interest in cooking and it is a very fond memory of happy times with my parents and friends.
I'm sure that some have had negative experiences with waterless cookware/Townecraft and all are entitled to their own opinions. And I respect this very much.
Bottom line for me is; it is too darn expensive, but it is darn good stuff. In my humble opinion.

Enjoy the upcoming holidays, I'm going to have a ball in the kitchen and on the grill.


I posted the following back in July of 2006.

I attended a TowneCraft party at my girlfriends parents house in 1974. I have vivid memories if the party which is strange for I was a 17 year old country boy at the time. But I have always enjoyed cooking, even more so in my later years, so I guess it appealed to my subconscience even then. I even bought the chopper/processor. My parents, who were also at the party, bought a set of the cookware. My Dad passed away a couple of years ago and my Mom, who lives alone now, wanted me to take her cookware set. I was totally thrilled, like a kid at Christmas; my wife thought I was silly (but she loves what I cook). The stuff still looks almost like it did the night of the party. The dutch oven has cooked many gallons of pinto beans setting on the wood stove in the basement and was stained some, but after a little oven cleaner and soapy water it looks like brand new. This is quality stuff. But my advice is only buy it if you can easily afford it and you love to cook AND you intend to use it the way it is intended to be used. Unless you cook with the "waterless" method, you would be better off with stuff designed for your cooking methods.
These are just my thoughts on the subject, I enjoy talking about cooking, too, so thanks for reading it.

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